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Converting to LED from Fluorescent or HID greatly improves your efficiency and will decrease maintenance cycles. Introducing wireless lighting controls into your facility gives you the ultimate control over light levels and power consumption. Ask about our Apps for phone, tablet or computer.




lighting controlsPassive and programmable controls can be added to any project for even further energy reduction! Controls will speed up your ROI and they also give you complete control over the visual appeal of your interior and exterior lighting. Photo-cells, motion-sensors and dimming or shutting down can greatly increase your energy savings by activating when programmed and it's determined safe to dim or completely turn off your lights.




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LJS carries a wide array of commercial lighting products. Choose from brands like Sylvania, Philips, GE, Advance, Universal, Lunera, Venture, RAB and many more. We'll help you find the right fit for your budget and make the entire process effortless! 

We carry Troffers, Flat Panels, Vapor-tight, Recessed, Pendants, High-bays, Wall-packs, Stairwell, Emergency Lights and Exit Signs. Emergency battery back-ups are available as well. Call us for all your LED retrofit needs and great prices on general lighting for all LED T8 Linear and U-Tubes, Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, Plug-in, Fluorescent Tubes (both T8 and T12) and HID.


Proper Lighting Is Essential.

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Your perimeter areas, parking lots and garages, walkways and stairwells must be fitted with light for safety and security. When you upgrade bollards and parking lot poles to new LED fixtures, they not only operate at a fraction of the cost of HID, they instill confidence as a secure environment and a deterrent to crime. High-performance LED fixtures play a vital role in the safety of your property. Power shedding devices like passive infrared controls and programmable dimming systems greatly increase energy efficiency in your overall lighting plan. Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy lower energy bills by upgrading to new LED lighting with LJS today!

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Electrical Services

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Facility Management

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Lighting & Energy Services

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HVAC / Mechanical Services

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Management Services

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Specialty Services

LJS provides preventative maintenance to ensure continuous operation of network services and critical systems. Read more...