Maintenance Repair & Operations



LJS Electric installs and maintains your electrical components, controls, and lighting systems to ensure optimal performance. We inspect transformers, circuit breakers, and identify electrical problems with a variety of testing devices. Our talented staff will become your electrical problem solvers! We’ll install, maintain, or repair your electrical wiring or equipment.

Our staff of licensed and highly-trained electricians and technicians are quick, efficient, and professional. Your business deserves the highest-quality support to keep your operation running at peak performance. We deliver peace of mind and deploy the resources to get your operation working again with speed and efficiency!

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Let LJS Review The Situation.

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We’ll fix the problem and assure on-going reliability. If your project has a broader scope, we’ll provide Project Management for any work that needs to be overseen or performed by sub-contractors or other service partners.


Need a Project Completed ASAP?

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Small-scale construction projects can be done quickly by LJS. We can build out offices or manage the removal and disposal of construction materials or remove antiquated hardware. We can manage the removal and disposal of construction materials or remove a fuel tank. LJS does specialty and custom-build construction projects on short notice. Jobs like hanging doors and installing windows, even locksmithing are all in our scope. LJS can react right away and get these jobs completed quickly. Our standards are the highest and we guarantee our work from start to finish. We’ll provide a comprehensive quote and walk you through every step of the process. When your construction project is completed, we’ll continue to guarantee it.


Control Systems Are Not A Static Program.

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As hardware gets updated, many customers want modifications as they become available. Your control system programming needs to remain current even though set points are changed, additions get installed and sub-systems get cut out. System operators want to see how it works and reacts as they’re the ones who get the programming right. Troubleshooting is the key skill for facilities experts.

Building management systems will fail. It’s an unavoidable fact of life. Identifying where they fail and restoring operations quickly is a major component of our offering. LJS ensures dependability by constantly monitoring and reporting on your system minimizing failure risk. Our experienced and seasoned technicians and engineers are at your disposal.


Take-Offs and Layouts.

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Any project can be represented in detail as part of our proposal and the cost estimating process. Construction blueprints or take-offs include the number of light fixtures needed in the building plan or the amount of wiring needed for the electrical work. Let LJS Electric show you a model of your lighting to ensure your design will meet the specification requirements.



Continual Power To Your Facility.

Power Feeds 3Some customers have power in their facilities, others have power systems that go beyond the norm such as redundant utility feeds, UPS systems and generators. Monitoring is critical to your operational success.

The time to understand the operation of sophisticated electrical systems is NOW, not when a utility failure is happening and you hope that all that automatic equipment really works when called upon. If you're not sure, we can lend a hand.