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Efficient HVAC Is Indispensable.

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Efficient HVAC is Indispensable and expected. The value of having a properly working HVAC system cannot be underestimated. Take the steps to ensure top performance with regular preventive maintenance. Some HVAC systems are often pushed beyond full capacity, sometimes for months at a time. Overlooking noises and signs of problems with HVAC is risky. Sudden breakdowns pose a risk to your budget and may ultimately increase the cost of repairs done on an emergency basis vs. routine service.


Prevention & Uptime.

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Let us identify minor issues that may worsen over time. We recommend quarterly service for HVAC to avoid system failures during extreme temperature cycles. High volume heating and cooling systems are complex and require attention to worn parts, clogged filters and monitoring of heat exchangers, condensers, compressors and other parts which can cause huge losses if not properly maintained. We’ll develop a plan to get your HVAC working at maximum efficiency all year round. Be sure to schedule a check-up today.


Affordable Scheduled Maintenance.

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Contract customers receive scheduled service which minimizes downtime and increases performance. Our PM service calls will keep your equipment performing correctly and will help avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns. As HVAC systems age, they require more technical attention. If your HVAC has not been serviced in the last year, you can avoid downtime by scheduling an LJS Check-Point Service call today!


Inspection Makes Sense.

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LJS resolves challenges by accurately identifying the technical problem and then providing a written estimate to correct it. Our technicians will inspect and provide status reports on humidity levels, airflow, moving parts, air filtration, fluid levels and document anything necessary to ensure uptime. Simply replacing worn parts will vastly improve operation adding years of life to your system. And if your HVAC is older than 10 years, it will need more frequent repairs. Attention to maintenance cycles will prevent downtime and needless discomfort.