Facility Management

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It’s Been Said, "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure."


Vital components of your facility’s electrical grid may require scheduled maintenance to decrease the risk of downtime. Exercising and testing generators and UPS systems give a greater understanding of how they work during a power outage. Schedule your LJS Service Call today and get a written report of your electrical grid’s stability and current “health” status. We’ll be glad to help!


Reveal True Equipment Status by Putting Systems Under Strain.


Transferring loads between utility feeds ensures that redundancy operations are ready to trigger when called upon. Like all equipment, heat cycles and vibration can loosen bus connections if not routinely maintained. Thermal scanning helps to uncover over-heating issues in circuit breakers, panel boards and systems. Electrical grids are generally very reliable, however, testing their limits adds significant value and will assist you to forecast issues that could potentially take your business down.


Events Beyond Our Control Can Threaten Any Business, Are You Ready?

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Extreme temperatures, hurricanes, floods and power surges can all cause the best of equipment to fail. For many businesses, LJS is the first line of defense when these threats occur. We offer service agreements for emergency response to maintain power or repair essential parts when these events happen.

Understanding these threats and planning for them in advance is necessary due to their inevitability. We can help you develop emergency plans to protect your facility and avoid any crisis these threats can cause.


LJS Understands Complexities Facing Building Managers.

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We can support your internal team as a temporary resource whenever needed. LJS assists many of our electrical and lighting customers with basic building services as well. Essential services like repairing broken restroom fixtures, fixing door locks or malfunctioning overhead doors can be attended by LJS and remove the stress and pressure to get these repairs taken care of. Just call LJS and we’ll do the work for you!


When the Going Gets Tough, Call LJS.

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Tight budgets require creative ways to affordably upgrade your electrical, mechanical and lighting systems. Maintaining decades-old HVAC units at optimum levels can be a huge challenge. You’ll be glad to know LJS Electric specializes in locating hard-to-find parts. Next time, put LJS to the test for that tricky part you just can’t find anywhere!