Safety Inspections

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Invested In Excellence.

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LJS has the technicians, equipment and expertise to maximize up-time on your electrical grid. We heavily invest in our people and the tools necessary to do the job right. Our resources let us respond immediately to all your electrical, HVAC and lighting needs.


Getting It Right.

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Whether replacing parts for your HVAC system, troubleshooting faulty wiring or using infrared scanning to locate and repair critical electrical components, LJS Electric is there for you every step of the way. Our skilled electricians and technicians manage all aspects of your electric power to keep your systems in top condition.


Equipment Ready To Go.

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LJS maintains our own fleet of Boom Trucks, Cherry Pickers, Dump Trucks, Utility Vans, Articulated Lifts, Augers, Bobcats and Excavation equipment that can meet virtually any construction challenge.

Our service crews have the have equipment readily available to respond to any type of service call. We don't have to locate the rental equipment that could delay your project by hours, days or even weeks.


Next Electrical Challenge, Call LJS Electric.

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We'll recommend an affordable alternate quote and provide a sensible repair estimate. Our technical staff will install and maintain your electrical components, controls, HVAC and lighting systems across your enterprise. We perform inspections and testing for transformers, circuit breakers and emergency power generators. LJS will identify eletrical problems with a variety of testing devices including infrared-scanners and Underground Fault Detectors. Let our talented team become your problem solvers!


Precautions Pay Off In The Long Run.

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What could be more important to your business than preventing a fire, flood or other avoidable damage to your facility? Timely maintenance delivers the peace of mind that money can't buy. Call LJS Electric for your no obligation Check Point Safety Inspection today and stay running efficiently tomorrow!


Get Ahead of Sudden Malfunctions. 

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Excessive heat is a major reason for premature failure of electrical components. Early detection with scheduled infrared scanning catches problems before they start. Prevent excessive downtime and save money at the same time. Infrared scanning can detect faulty connections, circuit breakers, failing splices, loose bus bars and other issues with a non-invasive scan. A workaround such as a planned shutdown will allow for speedy repairs and can prevent unexpected service interruptions during prime working hours.