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Small-scale construction projects can be done quickly by LJS. We can build out offices or manage the removal and disposal of construction materials or remove antiquated hardware. We can manage the removal and disposal of construction materials or remove a fuel tank. LJS does specialty and custom-build construction projects on short notice. Jobs like hanging doors and installing windows, even locksmithing are all in our scope. LJS can react right away and get these jobs completed quickly. Our standards are the highest and we guarantee our work from start to finish. We’ll provide a comprehensive quote and walk you through every step of the process. When your construction project is completed, we’ll continue to guarantee it.

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Electrical Services

LJS has the resources to quickly respond to your electrical needs and the equipment and expertise to minimize downtime. Read more...

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Facility Management

Critical components of your electrical systems require regular maintenance to decrease the risk of downtime. Read more...

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Lighting & Energy Services

LJS offers a full-service approach to lighting gives you impressive solutions using 21st Century technology. Read more...


HVAC / Mechanical Services

Heating and air conditioning equipment should be serviced at least once a year. Have us check your HVAC today. Read more...

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Management Services

Have a problem that you don't know how to solve? Let LJS check out your systems and offer you affordable options. Read more...

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Specialty Services

LJS provides preventative maintenance to ensure continuous operation of network services and critical systems. Read more...