Let Us Manage Your Retrofit Design.

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Why LJS Electric? We make lighting simple. The maze of choices can be confusing but we only work with proven products that will fit your budget. Our team manages your project from A to Z with leading brands, best designs and affordable options all presented in a simple proposal format. We make sense of all the variables involved in selection, pricing and technology. Stop draining your resources by keeping old and inefficient HID and Fluorescent fixtures. Retrofit to LED and create a sensational new look for your business.



est proj mgtWe analyze your current situation and estimate the savings you can expect. LJS Electric helps you determine your best options for design with everything from world-class architectural lighting manufacturers to the best commercial industrial grade products.



Reducing Energy Costs Up To 80% or More.

Energy Savings

What are you waiting for? Start with a new strategy to increase your profits. Let us audit and evaluate every lamp and fixture operating 24 hours per day. Fluorescent and halogen lamps are eating your profits every minute. LJS shows you a comparison of old vs. new lighting and how to lower your energy costs. Don't delay – there is a cost of waiting factor that demonstrates even more savings by immediately introducing LED lighting with 5 to 10 years of rated life.

As energy prices rise, LJS helps you beat the Utility increases and save labor, materials and design all from one superb company; LJS Electric. Ask how you can start major savings on Day-One!


Put Money in the Bank - NOT in the Utility Company.

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When you realize how quickly your payback or "break even" point is for your project, moving ahead is easy and it's financially justified in black and white. We'll provide a sensible proposal based on your individual budget and energy reduction goals and boost your savings even more with eligible rebates. We'll deliver your next lighting project on time and within your budget!


Project Management Must-Haves.

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A partnership is essential to any lighting and energy project. We respect your time and strive to understand your business needs and incorporate them into every step of the project. Comparing current costs to future savings and increased efficiency demonstrates the value of trusting LJS Electric. Every aspect of the project should improve your quality of light, increase productivity and enhance the look of your facility's interior and exterior. Call us today for a no-obligation assessment that will reveal the best choice for your organization.


Options That Work For You.


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LJS offers an impressive array of architectural lighting manufacturers to choose from. We excel in delivering elegant, pleasing light fixtures that create just the right atmosphere for your ballroom, lobby or atrium. Add dimming or color programmable light to set the mood for any occasion for indoor or outdoor applications. Accent with track-lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants and cove lights which all contribute to the overall beauty of your facility. LJS installs lighting to your standards with affordable state-of-the-art fixtures and controls. Delight your customers with a wide range of choices from vintage lighting to ultra-modern to color LED Options.




lighting desnWhen you select LJS Electric, we can provide light studies, samples for evaluation, layouts and renderings that will give you a full understanding of our proposals. We carefully evaluate your project and treat it with the utmost care to ensure the best result for your specific design and lighting needs.


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