Take-Offs and Layouts.

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Any project can be represented in detail as part of our proposal and the cost estimating process. Construction blueprints or take-offs include the number of light fixtures needed in the building plan or the amount of wiring needed for the electrical work. Let LJS Electric show you a model of your lighting to ensure your design will meet the specification requirements.


Electrical Services

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Facility Management

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Lighting & Energy Services

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HVAC / Mechanical Services


Management Services

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Specialty Field Services

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LJS Electric continues to operate day-to-day with a heightened awareness of the safety and well-being of our customers, neighbors and employees. We will continue to process your orders and service calls. If you need assistance, please email, text or phone us and we will respond as quickly as possible given these circumstances. We appreciate your business and look forward to the normalization of things in the future.