Control Systems Are Not A Static Program.

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As hardware gets updated, many customers want modifications as they become available. Your control system programming needs to remain current even though set points are changed, additions get installed and sub-systems get cut out. System operators want to see how it works and reacts as they’re the ones who get the programming right. Troubleshooting is the key skill for facilities experts.

Building management systems will fail. It’s an unavoidable fact of life. Identifying where they fail and restoring operations quickly is a major component of our offering. LJS ensures dependability by constantly monitoring and reporting on your system minimizing failure risk. Our experienced and seasoned technicians and engineers are at your disposal.

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LJS Electric continues to operate day-to-day with a heightened awareness of the safety and well-being of our customers, neighbors and employees. We will continue to process your orders and service calls. If you need assistance, please email, text or phone us and we will respond as quickly as possible given these circumstances. We appreciate your business and look forward to the normalization of things in the future.